This 2.1MW DC ballasted rooftop system was designed and installed in parallel with a major renovation of the facility which included an electrical service upgrade.  The interconnection and PV electrical distribution equipment was coordinated in the design phase with the base building Engineer.
This 290kW DC rooftop PV system was part of a large energy reduction program at this facility by Johnson Controls for the Port Authority of NJ.  Interconnection occurred within the critical building switchgear.  Schwerd Consulting participated in multiple reviews and meetings with this demanding agency to ensure positive results for all parties.
This 2.0MW DC system is located on the roof of a manufacturing facility.  The interconnection is behind the meter of one of two medium voltage services.  String inverters are located around the roof in various mounting solutions - on high walls, on unistrut extended from knee high walls, and on inverter skids with dual mounting.
This 2.6MW DC ground mount system connects to 2 separate medium voltage feeders running  through the complex, with each interconnection being limited to 1MW AC.  The solar installation is part of an overall energy program implemented by Constellation Energy for this federal facility.
This project consists of 3.4MW DC across 11 arrays (rooftop and ground mounts) at 7 school locations in 4 towns for a county wide initiative.  Structural analyses evluated numerous buildings and roof sections to determine the final acceptable locations.  Schwerd Consulting was actively involved in many rounds of discussions with the various entities and boards for approvals.
These rooftop PV systems totaled 350kW DC across varying building types: Retail, Industrial, Office and Hospitality.  All CT projects require 3-line diagrams.  One site electrical design involved reconfiguring the electrical distribution from separate tenant metering to one building meter only.
In order to ensure utility company commitments for 2016 interconnection, the documents required for interconnection application - PV layout design, single line diagram, facility electrical plan, and application form with technical data - required very fast turnaround times.  Schwerd Consulting mobilized, planned and executed in order to achieve the objective.
Schwerd Consulting supported our client in the evaluation of 2 separate portfolios of operational PV installations under consideration for purchase, including detailed site inspections, production reviews, and report preparation.  The projects were located throughout 5 states - NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA with a primary mix of ground mounts and rooftop systems, and both net metered and direct utility interconnections.  Each portfolio contained ~20MW DC, one with 5 projects, the other with 7. 
A PSE&G owned 7.8 MW utility solar PV ground mount system, Schwerd Consulting worked with our client on the Medium Voltage switchgear in a preliminary phase to allow pre-ordering of the 26kV switchgear.  We have since prepared the full Electrical Construction Document set for the project.  All switchgear primary and secondary run for this project fall within the capped landfill area.
Schwerd Consulting performed design review of the EPC prepared plans for the system owner of this net metered ground mount for a public school.  At the completion of construction, we performed inspections plus 3rd party commissioning and performance testing.
This 1.3MW tilted, ballasted, net metered rooftop system utilizes SolarEdge inverters on prefabricated skids to help address arc fault detection, ground fault protection, rapid shutdown and shade mitigation concerns.
This existing PV system upgrade involved the removal of a rooftop installation and construction of new carports.  264kW of panels were relocated to the new carports along with an additional 135kW of new panels.  A new string inverter solution was provided for new, with the pre arc flash detection and rapid shut down combiner box installation removed from the rooftop.
This 6MW ground mount utility project is connected to 2 separate utility points of interconnection.  Schwerd Consulting was contracted by the second owner of the system to investigate the existing conditions and provide representative as-built electrical construction documents.  In addition, we provided identifications of code required and efficiency gain modifications.
Due to critical dates for NYSERDA submissions and approvals, Schwerd Consulting expedited the PV Design and Electrical CDs for this 406kW DC ballasted rooftop system successfully completed prior to the end of 2015.
This interesting 2 phase project includes the medium voltage distribution design to convert the customer 480V secondary services to 5 buildings and 9 meters to a single meter primary service in which the customer owns the 13kV distribution.  Phase 2 then includes the design for a 4 MW single axis tracker ground mount system interconnected behind the new MV meter.
Pardee Resources, a natural resource company that owns and operates solar energy facilities including 13 locations in New Jersey, requested due diligence support of these NJ operating assets.  Their original developer/builder/O&M supplier dissolved causing concerns.  We provided site inspections and review of performance data concluding with a comprehensive report.
This project included 4 public schools with rooftop systems in a district wide energy performance contract including energy reduction along with renewable energy. We performed Relay Engineering & Programming for utility mandated redundant relays.
This 2 MWdc PV system will be one of the largest solar carport installations in NY State upon its anticipated completion in 2018.  
We worked closley with all parties to maximize and optimize the proposed system design in order to provide significant energy reduction to this large multi building public school complex.
A 1.5 MW ballasted, tilted rack PV system was installed on the roof of this warehouse containing refrigerated storage.  The initial design was complex as it involved a cold sequenced metering service, full generator back-up, relay design, and an existing PV system.
Schwerd Consulting provided Client Representation including PV Design & Site Reviews throughout the course of these projects.  The rooftop projects were performed by different EPC contractors for this Real Estate Developer.
This 1.4MW rooftop PV system on an industrial building was constructed in 2 phases with 2 seperate points of interconnection.
The first was net metered, while the second was a direct utility connection as a Feed In Tariff project.
We performed review and representation services for our client from the preliminary design phase through to project closeout, including report preparation.  The site inspection occurred a week prior to  Hurricane Irma that devastated the island.  The rooftop arrays survived the storm intact.
This school district project consisted of PV systems ranging from 100 kW to 1,000 kW across 14 schools and 3 townships, for a total of 3.4 MW.  In the first phase we provided design development drawings suitable for both interconnection submission to PSE&G-LI and client review. We then proceeded direct to construction documents to be reviewed by the School Authority for approvals and permission to construct.
This project is in the early stages proposed to be a 6.5MWdc/5MWac community distributed generation project.  Schwerd Consulting worked closely with NYSEG from the pre-application report and preliminary screening report to evaluate the potential for our client and to provide an accurate set of drawings suitable for CESIR review.
This 15.2 MW utility owned PV plant is built on a capped brownfield, formerly an industrial facility location. It is located adjacent to the DElaware River. System highlights include 26kV metal clad switchgear; 6 prefabricated inverter powerstations; and 5 degree tilt angle on ballasted ground mount racking to maximize the total system size and resultant energy production
In the Feasibility phase of this 1 MW combination rooftop & carport system, Schwerd Consulting worked directly for the end user to provide services for a detailed PV design & Feasibility Report that included Structural Analysis plus interconnection drawings. Upon project award, we are working for the EPC Solar Landscape for all approvals and construction documents.