We are Dedicated to the Solar industry (while also having an extensive and varied experience in facilities and energy). Our clients will always have the Principal leading their project and being the single point of contact; responsive and available.
Present in the industry too is a smaller pool of Engineering and Consulting firms dedicated to the solar industry.  Yet they may lack the background in the engineering of buildings and various power and energy systems.  With an extensive experience in successful design and engineering of many building types (retail, workplace, industrial, institutional, municipal, hospitality), we add value here by understanding deeply not only the many electrical systems that the PV can be interconnected with, but also the operational needs of these facilities and the end users.
Lastly, after years of experience in the evolution of the solar industry, our team has taken these lessons learned and created exceptional PV design and electrical construction document templates.  These drawing sets are reader friendly, detailed, yet concise, in limiting the number of drawings, and automated to allow for short turn around times to completion.  Our Clients and Contractors also appreciate the consistency in sets that makes their jobs easier.
We Know Solar
We Focus On Solar
There are many Engineering and Consulting firms that Do Solar.  With a primary focus in the building industry, as an extension of pursuits they will also provide services for Solar PV projects as they do for other market sectors and buildings.  But do they truly know solar?  With our focus solely on solar, we add value to our clients by understanding their business.  We track the industry trends, latest equipment developments, state and federal programs, financial considerations, state and utility variations, code updates, etc.  We also create new solutions to achieve improved results.
We Are Client Focused
Additionally, we are not a large firm with a multilevel organizational chart, with various  project managers assigned as growing workloads demand, or with various pints of contact for each discipline or service offered.  Rather, our single point of contact is Principal level, well versed in all disciplines and the Solar industry, while having an Electrical Engineering background, which is paramount to the success of any PV system.  This approach also allows for the handling of many projects and clients, as the Engineers of Record and the production teams are able to better concentrate on their tasks at hand.  We are also more selective and focused, without primary corporate goals for ever increasing total revenues.  (Yes we have lived that in prior lives!)
We Have A System That Works
We Have A Background in Building Engineering & Sustainable Design